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Garden designers have specialist skills to take a garden to the next level and really make the best of your space. Designing a garden really gives you a chance to put your stamp on the part of the home that is often sadly overlooked. Garden designers can design a garden to suit the needs, wants and lifestyles of its owners, really becoming an extension to the home, both visually and practically.

What do Garden Designers do?

Garden designers make sure you get the garden you want and need. Every garden design should be a collaboration of ideas from both the garden designer and garden owner. Garden designers can bring skills, knowledge and experience while the owner can bring their needs and ideas.
Garden designers

Find a Garden Designer

Garden designers have different working methods and styles. You need to find a garden designer you can communicate and work with and one who will carefully consider your requirements. Many garden designers are willing to travel considerable distances, including overseas, however you may prefer to select a more local garden designer.
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Top tips to find a garden designer:

  • Speak to several garden designers
  • Check how long have they been in business
  • Check garden designers qualifications
  • Find out what type of projects they normally undertake
  • Find out if they have ever tackled any project similar to yours
  • Arrange an initial appointment or consultation
  • Ask to see a portfolio of completed projects
  • Ensure they can advise on construction techniques and planting
  • Check they have insurance e.g. Professional Indemnity

As with anyone you employ you need to have a good working relationship with the garden designer and ensure they will listen to your ideas to deliver the garden you dream of. Before you meet the garden designer, make a list of the garden design requirements that you have:

  • What you expect to get from your garden
  • How much you want to spend
  • The look you want
  • Any storage you may require
  • Information on boundary areas, walls and fences
  • Lighting requirements
  • Consider any planning issues – get in touch with your local planning office

Garden Designer Costs

With this kind of work the cost will vary from garden designer to garden designer. Typically a garden designer can cost from £500 for a basic garden design plan up to several thousand pounds. Factors such as qualifications, experience, reputation and awards won will have an impact on the rate charged. Discuss with the garden designer their chosen method of designing and presentation to see what services you can expect in return for their fee.
The size of your garden will also have an impact on the cost of the garden design, although it doesn’t always follow that smaller gardens cost less. Smaller gardens can require a greater amount of a garden designers input and the restrictions of city living often require garden designers to be cleverer with design solutions and space saving ideas.
Most people would not dream of building a house without consulting an architect for obvious reasons, however, lots of people try to build a garden without garden designers. Inundated with ideas from television and magazines, they build a patio and then later add a water feature and then maybe an area of decking and perhaps a rustic pergola and before they know it, they have a garden which is a mismatch of disparate styles that lacks unity and direction. Garden designers have the skills to help you drive the project from an idea through to conception.

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