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We specialise in helping connect people with residential builders. In the UK there are thousands of residential builders, but with all the stories on rogue traders it’s no wonder some people can feel a little intimated when coming to employ the services of a residential builder.
Residential building companies can range from self employed builders to much large businesses with teams of people. So where do you start when you want to find a residential builder
First things first decide what works you require – so you can employ a suitably qualified builder. If you are looking for a builder that will project manage everything for you, then how much you want to get involved is really down to you, but getting involved could save you money and help ensure you get the right results.
Next establish if you know any builders or friends that have used someone they can recommend. A recommendation is a great place to start when hiring a builder but finding one can be difficult, especially nowadays with communities being more dispiursed.
So we have the answer our website helps people find recommended builders. We have a local builders search by postcode when you can search for a suitable builder, with details of the types of works they do e.g bathrooms, kitchen extensions, loft conversions. Also you can read any posted recommendations and have a place to review them once the works are completed.

Example of residential builders on JuggleFrogs

Example of residential builders on JuggleFrogs

We have residential builders across the UK – and if you can’t find the residential builder you need get in touch and we can search for you – all for FREE.

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