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There is an overwhelming variety of bathroom tiles types. So check out our bathroom tile types guide.
In terms of design and material when choosing what bathroom tile type you want, a good place to start is to scrap-book ideas from magazines or the internet. This will help you narrow down your choices. Tile textures can also make a big impact and this is something you will need to try out in the shops – matt, silk or gloss tiles, bumpy, risen, un-filled travertine’s, polished natural stone or porcelain and glass tiles all provide different effects and capture light in various ways.
Some pros and cons of the most popular bathroom tile types:

Ceramic tiles[+] durable, versatile, low maintenance, easy installation, low cost[-] can vary in size and colour from lot to lot
Porcelain tiles[+] tough, huge variety in designs[-] more expensive than ceramic
Terracotta tiles[+] beauty, longevity when well-made[-] wide variations in quality
Slate tiles[+] beauty, longevity[-] cons – softness, tendency to split
Marble tiles[+] beauty[-] high maintenance; can crack, stain, and etch readily
Granite tiles[+] durability, density, strength[-] limited trim option
Glass tiles[+] beauty, variety[-] expense, difficulty of installation
Concrete tiles[+] durability[-] difficulty of installation
Terrazzo tiles[+] unique beauty, elegance, longevity[-] expense, can cause slips
Limestone tiles[+] cream in colour with fossils, even in colour and pattern honed completely flat[-] natural stone requires treatment and maintenance, each tile is unique
Travertine tiles[+] natural stone, filled or unfilled, polished to a smooth shiny finish, variety of colours[-] natural stone requires treatment and maintenance, each tile is unique
Vinyl[+] cost effective, resilient, various sizes, virtually any pattern, quick to install[-] can mark

Choosing the right bathroom tile type is a big decision so visit lots of showrooms – some have more actual tile examples than others and if you are going for a natural stone, seeing a tiny sample is unlikely to be enough – you might not be happy when you get the tiles delivered.

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