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Well it was a small moment of fame when I made my appearance on Radio5 Live this morning. Victoria Derbyshire held a fantastic discussion about the state of the housing market with the difficulties tradesmen are facing and JuggleFrogs was invited to join in.
Lively chat from a wealth of tradesmen and construction workers sparked our interest – JuggleFrogs can help these struggling tradesmen so we were keen to get involved and spread the word about our website on Radio Five Live.

Radio5 Live discussion on the housing market

Radio5 Live presenter Victoria Derbyshire commented…
“Taylor Wimpey’s profits are down dramatically as they’ve made a pre-tax loss of one and a half billion pounds. Yesterday Bovis announced an 80% in its pre-tax profits.”
“So far this year about 5000 jobs have been lost in the house-building industry. So what does this downturn say about the housing market? How bad is it? Builders, kitchen fitters, plumbers – are you affected?”
A large range of tradesmen and construction companies called into Victoria Derbyshire on the Radio5 Live show with a mixed view on what they are seeing in the market. A number of them echoed the trends we are seeing on JuggleFrogs.
Listen to the full show on Radio5 Live – Victoria Derbyshire 27/8/8

Derbyshire asked us what trends we are seeing on

Hits are massively increasing on a daily basis on the JuggleFrogs website and in amongst the traffic visiting the site we are seeing more and more homeowners searching for the smaller trades. This reflects the reported “Improve don’t Move” culture as purse strings tighten and people either renovate the homes they are in or try to increase the size of their existing homes to avoid the costs of moving.
Homeowners have, over the years, grown evermore savvy and in some cases more worried when hiring tradesmen. Now they are far more likely to look online as a first port of call where in their own time they can browse freely looking for the right tradesmen. With JuggleFrogs they can get peace of mind by knowing that there is a tradesmen review system in place to help them.
As one of the callers said the trends can be regional and again this is reflected on what we are seeing on JuggleFrogs in terms of the tradespeople who are signing up across the UK. We have a wide spread of tradesmen looking for work as well as homeowners searching for tradespeople – there is work out there!

Top tips for tradesmen looking for work

We want to reach out to all those tradesmen listening to Radio5 Live who are looking for more work – there are lots of things you can do:
Get online:

Check out what is happening locally:

  • Check out the stats – look into your market – what skills are people looking for and where
  • Contact the council to check out what is going on in your local area as they offer lots of support for self-employed people and also have access to lists of potential jobs
  • Network – chat to people about what you do and get your name known in your local area – the more people who know you the better.

So, as Victoria Derbyshire discovered on Radio5 Live, the housing market is seeing a downturn.
However as the housing market makes up only 15% of the construction industry there is work still out there and JuggleFrogs is here to help tradesmen all over the UK find work. Let us know what you think – we’d love to hear your comments and get in touch if we can help you.

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