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Become CORGI Registered

Any plumber wanting to work with gas and install gas central heating systems is legally obliged to become CORGI registered, after passing their Approved Certification Scheme (ACS).

What is an Approved Certification Scheme (ACS)?

In order to become CORGI registered you need to be competent in order to carry out gas works – this is demonstrated by obtaining a certificate of competence in the areas of gas you intend to work. You will need to demonstrate gas safety competence by successfully completing nationally agreed assessments, carried out at an approved assessment centre.

So how does the ACS assessment work?

Each Approved Certification Scheme has to ensure that each candidate provides accurate information relating to any gas industry experience and /or qualifications held.
If appropriate qualifications and experience are not held candidates are allocated into “Category 3”. These will be individuals who are classed as entering the industry for the first time, or changing career direction. Candidates in this category should be advised to:

  • Seek training and experience that will result in the attainment of a National / Scottish Vocational Qualification (N/SVQ) in Gas Services, Installation and Maintenance at Level 2 or 3.
  • Obtain employment with a CORGI registered business that is willing to provide an auditable extended period of company “in-house” gas training programme together with the necessary organisational support prior to undertaking ACS assessment.
  • Get an N/SVQ within the Mechanical Engineering Sector with related on the job gas training and experience in the intended areas of gas work to be carried out.

CORGI approved certification schemes

CORGI will only accept Certificates of Competence that have been issued through the following Accredited Certification Schemes:

Become CORGI registered

If certificates of competence are not in place CORGI will be unable to process your application to become CORGI registered. After applying for registration, providing you meet the necessary requirements, a CORGI Inspector will carry out a pre-registration assessment visit. On completion of the pre-registration process, CORGI decides whether your application will be accepted or not.
Quick facts:

  • ACS Certificates of gas safety competence are valid for a max of 5 yrs
  • CORGI registration is valid for a year from April through to March
  • All registered installers need to renew CORGI registration in March

If you wish to become CORGI registered then more advice is available on the CORGI website.

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