Find Tradesmen

Finding Tradesmen

Finding tradesmen at the right time, in the right price for the right job is a continual challenge when running a property renovation. Even for the smallest of jobs it can be a challenge, so it’s not a surprise¬†that people are nervous when hiring tradesmen.

How to find tradesmen?!

By visiting JuggleFrogs you are in the right place. We have loads of advice on finding tradesmen and our online search facility has won many awards for the help it has given homeowners in finding tradesmen.
Try not to be intimidated by horror stories you hear in the press and on the TV, there are so called rogue traders out there but there are as many reliable tradesmen out there as bad – you just need to know how to find them. You can find Tradesmen on JuggleFrogs
, through adverts or through recommendations from friends and family. Ask as many questions as you need to – a good tradesman will be happy to spend time with you and answer all of your questions. They should also be able to give you useful ideas.

Steps to consider when finding tradesmen

  • Ensure the company is reputable and that you employ a trustworthy tradesman – ask for references from customers and make sure you get them
  • Remember the cheapest price does not always equal best value
  • Be clear about the work needed – take care to include enough detail in your written job requirement so that each tradesman starts with a good understanding of your needs. This is essential if you are to get comparable quotations
  • Get multiple quotations in writing from at least 3 tradesmen – breaking down labour and material costs
  • If your tradesman is a member of a trade association then phone the scheme to check this out

Some questions to ask potential tradesmen:

  • When can they do the work?
  • How much is it inc VAT?
  • What qualifications have they got?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is the work guaranteed?
  • If additional costs accrue during works, how will they be calculated?
  • Do they have public liability and employers liability insurance?

Select the company you are happiest with. Take your time finding tradesmen, don’t rush into choosing – it’s important you get it right. Be sure to weigh up the benefits of working with one tradesperson over another. If they offer more experience, or proof that they can do the job you want with the quality of workmanship you require, it might be worth paying those extra few pounds.
Spread the word about good tradesmen Рif you have used a great tradesperson or know any then remember to spread the good news and recommend them on JuggleFrogs. Good luck finding tradesmen!

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