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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Good kitchen lighting ideas are so important in the home. Kitchen lighting it’s essential for both efficiency and safety so it’s worth getting professional advice. It’s also important to work lighting into your kitchen design plans from the start.

Kitchen lighting ideas top tips

  • down lights should go above the most important preparation spots
  • for flexibility you can opt for a ceiling-mountable track with spotlights
  • pendant lights are more relaxed and provide a cosy glow over a table
  • spotlights are great overhead and don’t gather greasy dust
  • use task lights under the wall units to illuminate the worktop
  • lights inside glass-fronted cabinets create a gentle glow in a kitchen

You’re not limited to putting kitchen lighting ideas┬áin cupboards either. For floor units, strip lights at kick plate level boost light in the room and draw attention to details in the flooring. Kitchen lighting can make your dream kitchen a reality – you just need to get your kitchen lighting ideas together and then get the right advice!

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