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Budgeting for a new kitchen and working out kitchen costs really depends on what you need and are looking for. In 2005 we spent £2,692,820,000 on our kitchens nationwide!
Buying a kitchen is a substantial investment, whatever kind of property you live in and however much you have to spend. With 29% of homeowners considering it top of their list when it comes to adding value to a home, careful planning is essential to ensure you invest your money well and avoid costly mistakes with your kitchen design budget. Above all you need to get it right first time.

New kitchen costs

As a rule it’s suggested that kitchen costs should be around 5% of the overall value of your property but some say up to as much as 10%. Just remember kitchen costs can escalate so keep a close eye on both planned and actual spending. Remember you can spend £5k on a kitchen and it might add £10k but you could spend £10k and not recoup any money at all.
If your kitchen budget is tight spend it on the unit doors as opposed to expensive carcasses as it is these that will give you the look you want. The materials you decide on will significantly affect your total spend so choose carefully to keep within your kitchen budget.
If funds for your kitchen are really tight and kitchen costs seems high, look in FREE local papers – sometimes people get rid of old kitchens for very little money and you can find real bargains and really reduce the kitchen costs. Also wait for the Kitchen Sales and snap up an interest FREE offer from one of the major kitchen chains.
Overall be prepared to compromise a cheap kitchen does not have to mean nasty. Calculate what you can afford and go out and find the kitchen that fits your budget. Don’t be afraid of so-called cheap kitchens and if you employ somebody to fit your kitchen make sure they are competent for the job – good fitting is key to any design!
Whatever your kitchen costs it will be an investment and it’s likely to get a hammering on a daily basis so my top tip is make sure a lot of your kitchen budget is spent on the kitchen carcasses.

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