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Building Regulations Changes

Are you happy you understand the complex Building Regulations changes to Parts L and F of the new Building Regulations? These new Building Regulations changes are effective from 6th April 2006. If you are a:

builder, architect, surveyor, social landlord, heating engineer, plumber, M & E engineer/consultant, building inspector

you will be affected and need to understand the complex changes to Parts L & F of the Building Regulations and their implications. You will also need to understand the new SAP Ratings and know your DER from your TER. 


Changes to Parts L & F of the Building Regulations

The good news is there are some regional events being run by well-informed industry experts who will explain what the Building Regulations changes mean for you, and how to operate within the law.
The seminars will explain:

  • Part L1A – New dwellings – conservation of fuel & power
  • Part L1B – Existing dwellings including extensions
  • Part F – Ventilation
  • SAP 2005 inc Target Carbon Emission Rate (TER) and the Dwelling Carbon Emission Rate (DER)
  • Air pressure Testing and the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide

Buildimng Regulations changes – venues and dates

  • Cambridge Smart Life Centre – 17th April 2007
  • Bristol – 2nd May 2007
  • North London – 16th May 2007
  • Manchester – 30th May 2007
  • London – 6th June 2007

The seminars are being coordinated by Peter Thom who is Managing Director of Cambridge based Green Heat Ltd and Peter is also Vice President of the Institute of Domestic Heating & Environmental Engineers; Chairman of the Heating Strategy Group of the Government backed Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes and a Trustee of Peterborough Environment City Trust.
Speakers at the seminars will be people like Peter who have sat on the Industry Advisory Groups which have developed these new regulations and understand the Building Regulations changes along with the Guidance Documentation. They will also include representatives from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM); The Institute of Domestic Heating and Environmental Engineers (IDHEE); Elmhurst Energy Systems and other Industry Bodies.
The proposed Building Regulations changes have been widely consulted on and discussed with Industry Advisory Groups for the past two years and are part of the Energy White Paper Implementation Plan. The current Government target is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by 2010 and the Energy White Paper suggests reductions of 60% by 2050. It was also stated that the new Building Regulations would be looking for a 25% improvement in Carbon Dioxide reductions than the 2002 Regulations. The new approved documents confirm that this is now only 20%.
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